Frequently Asked Questions

How do I affix the Medical Information Carrier on my helmet?
Installation is slightly different for bicycle helmets than it is for motorcycle helmets. You should have received instructions with your Medical Information Carrier, and we also offer a page that has detailed instructions for both.

Why is the Medical Information Carrier placed on the outside of a motorcycle helmet, but on the inside of a bicycle helmet?
The carrier is located universally on the left rear of the motorcycle helmet . The external motorcycle carrier alerts bystanders not to remove the helmet, while allowing easy access to the medical data form. The structure of the bicycle helmet dictates placing the carrier on an inside suface.

Do I need to buy another Medical Information Carrier if I get a new helmet, or can I reuse my old one?
The carrier adhesive creates a permanent bond to your helmet, and reapplication may not bond properly. Why? Because it is possible that the old adhesive will not bond to another helmet after it has been used once, and may fall off.

Why shouldn’t I use a pen or marker to write on the medical information sheet?
Your head gives off moisture, and your data form may get wet, it is possible for marker and pen to run and become illegible. Pencil will not run or deteriorate, and allows you to make changes to your medical information should you need to change it.

What if my medical information changes, can I change the medical information data form?
Yes, as long as you follow the instructions and use a pencil, you will be able to erase and change any of your information.

I need to replace my data form only… do I need to buy a complete Medical Information Carrier or can I just buy the data form?
You will need to buy a complete Medical Information Carrier. They are under $3 each (sold in 4-packs).

Can I use the Medical Information Carrier on other sports helmets?
Yes, the Medical Information Carrier should work on most sports helmets, as long as they are not fully submerged in water for an extended period of time.

Can I buy just one Medical Information Carrier?
Because of shipping costs, it is not efficient to sell the Medical Information Carriers as single-packs. You can buy them in 2-packs and 10-packs, and keep the extras as replacements, use them on other sports helmets, or give them to family and friends.

Can I buy a large volume of Medical Information Carriers?
Yes, simply contact us well in advance of when you need them so we can ensure we have the quantity you need. We work with race organizers, clubs and organizations to supply Medical Information Carriers in larger volumes at a bulk rate.

Who created the Medical Information Carrier?
The Medical Information Carrier was designed by Dr. Lou Gaston in 1998 for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge’s Keystone Bike Ride. A simplistic carrier for immediate access to critical, lifesaving information was an absolute necessity. Thus, the concept of the helmet¬†Medical Information Carriers was conceived. Since that time, over 1 million carriers have been put in place and numerous lives saved.