For Cyclists

an id for my bicycle helmet - Medical Information CarrierAs a cyclist, you know many of the risks that face you on your daily ride: distracted drivers, slick road conditions, loose gravel, and animals running into your path. It doesn’t take much to bring you to the pavement. If you ride alone, and you were to lose consciousness, would someone know who you are, or your medical background? Would EMS providers know which family members to call in an emergency?

Aside from a good bicycle helmet, the Medical Information Carrier could be your next best form of protection. The bicycle-specific durable and highly visible vinyl carrier is located on the inside of your bicycle helmet. On the external left rear of your helmet, a Medical Information Carrier decal identifies to EMS that you have medical information available inside your helmet.

This medical information Carrier remains in place at high speeds and temperature extremes. Once you adhere the Medical Information Carrier to your helmet, it will always be with you when you’re riding. The first responders will look for the Medical Information Carrier in your helmet and be able to quickly read all of your personal and medical info, and provide an appropriate response.

The Medical Information Carrier will give you a sense of security. At under $3 each (sold in 2-packs and 10-packs), it can be a very inexpensive, but invaluable lifesaver.