What is the Medical Information Carrier?

An ID for my helmet - one million distributedThe Medical Information Carrier was designed in 1998 for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge’s Keystone Bike Ride. A simplistic system for immediate access to critical, lifesaving information was an absolute necessity. Thus, the concept of the helmet Medical Information Carrier was conceived.

The Medical Information Carrier is the original helmet medical data device. Many have tried to copy the concept and style, but we have remained the helmet Medical Information Carrier of choice. Over 1 million Medical Information Carriers have been distributed with the result of numerous lives saved.

The premise of the carrier was to provide immediate access to lifesaving information regardless of temperature and weather extremes. The Medical Information Carrier is the preference for many prestigious organizations, Rides, and clubs.

The components of the Medical Information Carrier include:

The Medical Data Form is a waterproof and tear resistant material on which a pencil is used to print the medical/ID information. A pencil is used to insure indefinite legibility and allows for erasure to update to current status.

The neon yellow Medical Information Carrier is a rugged, durable vinyl envelope that contains the medical data form. It adheres to the inside of the bicycle helmet via a custom adhesive. This Medical Information Carrier is used for bicycle, firefighter and hardhat helmets.

Reflective 3/4″ 3M circular decal, located universally on the left rear of the helmet, functions as an EMS identifier indicating medical data can be found inside the helmet.

A motorcycle-specific durable vinyl imprinted envelope is located on the exterior and left rear of the motorcycle helmet. This carrier not only holds the medical data form, but also cautions “DO NOT REMOVE HELMET!”. This external data carrier remains in place at very high speeds and temperature extremes.